Monday, August 17, 2009

State of the Army (Guard)

I've switched over to working on my guard - the 3rd/4th Valarian Armored All Terrain Rangers. I intend them to be a light armor force, with the final build being something like 1 infantry platoon with solid heavy weapons, a couple of vet and command squads in Chimeras, a penal squad, 2 devil Dogs, 2 sentinels, a russ, a bassy and a universal carrier. The devil dogs, Heartbreaker and Promethia are converted from $5 walmart tanks, (Panzer IIs I believe), the bassy has been cut down for a more tank hunterish look. Also pictured are some command figures, and the penal squad - made up of malcontents, tau sympathizers, mutants, and xenos left over from my guard's days working as Tau Auxiliaries and Lost and the Damned. I have a whole history worked out that I will post up along with the minis from each stage (someday). Currently working on some stormtroopers and line infantry (the Devil dogs are painted, just can't find the camera). I've played two 1000 pt games vs tau and orks, with two victories - the Ork one being a grim slaughter (Devil Dogs with heavy flamers can mess up just about anything...)

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Anubis Rex Now Painted

Well, I have put enough paint to the titan to put it on the table. There is still a great deal more to do on it, but I don't think I'll do more until I've had a chance to play with him. I've run out of energy for titans - want to work on some guard. Most of the fine detail isn't painted and its not highlighted or shaded in any way. The banners are also temporary, just trying out some concepts. There are also more details to add, like hatches and murals on the greaves. I'm planning to eventually grind up skeletons to cover the underbelly. It also needs larger weapons options and I might add a third weapon mount on the back. Chains are a must, and limited spikes a possibility.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Progress, though slower.

I've added a fair amount of detail.
I seem to have stopped sand from leaking out of the legs.
I added shoulders. I have somewhat mixed feelings on these.
I found alot of great bitz, including the alter and candles I'll be using for the back of the titan. No where safer to do your chaos rituals than on the back of a titan!
I purchased the printable water slides, so I'll be looking at working with those, though a fair amount of greenstuff still seems likely.
Also got some guitar string for the first time. Good stuff!

I've also embraced the use of hot glue again. Now, it is sad but true that there was a day when I assembled miniatures with hot glue. Horrifying, I know. I also sculpted my chaos spawn out of it. For the titan, I've used hot glue to tack things in place, followed by greenstuff to do the actual holding. It seems to be pretty rugged... It tipped over during this photoshoot (you can see Conor and my's horrified expressions captured as it toppled to the floor...) without suffering any harm.

I've also ordered a great many bitz, including a ton of tomb king banner tops.

Friday, June 12, 2009

Progress has been pretty rapid, all things considered. I've removed the front claws, at least for the moment, sculpted the carapace, filled the legs with sand (much more stable), added hydraulics to the legs, expanded the plasma gun, and improved the mega bolter.

The carapace design came out well, but I feel like it needs more stuff around it. Can't decide what that should be - flames, skulls, stripes like thousand sons headress?

I'm a bit concerned that the "tail" may be too long. Overall the titan is slightly taller than a forgeworld warhound, but much longer. Not really worried about that, but its also a matter of aesthetics and of big areas that need detailing.

Speaking of detailing, how to cover the big spaces on the tail and greaves? I feel titans, being ancient, should never be plain, and I want hierogyphics, battle scenes, chaos gods in vaguely egyptian form that sort of thing....

Greenstuff frescos would be ideal... Crazy, but ideal.
Freehand murals might work, but would take a long time. I've never really liked any freehand I've done though.
Custom waterslide transfers are a possibility. Easiest. Might come out the best looking, might not. Fun to try.

I'm happy with the "lean, swift" look so far. Looking at pics of titans online, this one looks like a greyhound - up on its toes, ready to go.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Chaos Warhound Titan

My approach to Titans is similar to my approach to terrain - keep your eye out for objects you can use for about a year, then figure out how you can use the stuff you've assembled and sculpt the parts you can't scrounge.

In the case of the titan I had the idea for using a glue bottle as a plasma gun and old yarn cones to make the body and lower legs for some time. But the real breakthrough was due to my lovely wife Beth, who came across a duffle bag of toy robot parts at goodwill and snapped it up for me. Most of the parts were modular bionical parts, which work well for making the limbs of a titan. For those thinking about purchasing them however, they are hideously expensive new - you almost might as well buy a forge world titan. But Beth got me enough for several Titans for $5.

My concept was an old style warhound of the original Armorcast type. The new forgeworld style is great, but its a lot more complex in shape, and also more blocky. I wanted to capture the "swift scout titan" look and feel from the epic game. That meant a narrow body and long legs. Chaos is easier than imperial, since its easy to add "mutations" to cover the problem spots. Plus there are more bitz options. My chaos army is Thousand Suns, so the Titan would be dedicated to Tzneetch, and to me that means Egyptian in theme. The head is modeled on Anubis, the claws are meant to be Scorpian like - a god of death indeed!

The weapon arms are interchangeable, but I really like the vulcan mega bolter from a fluff perspective.

Not sure about the two little front claws - they might get removed.

Still to do -

Sculpt the winged scarab on the top armor.
Bulk out legs and joints with plasticard plates
Fill the lower legs with sand to improve stability.
Add bitz. I'm not a huge fan of the spikey look, but my other 1K sons vehicles have them, so I guess the titan will too.
Add huge cool titan banner(s). Always one of my favorite titan features.
Paint. Black, blue, and gold.