Monday, August 17, 2009

State of the Army (Guard)

I've switched over to working on my guard - the 3rd/4th Valarian Armored All Terrain Rangers. I intend them to be a light armor force, with the final build being something like 1 infantry platoon with solid heavy weapons, a couple of vet and command squads in Chimeras, a penal squad, 2 devil Dogs, 2 sentinels, a russ, a bassy and a universal carrier. The devil dogs, Heartbreaker and Promethia are converted from $5 walmart tanks, (Panzer IIs I believe), the bassy has been cut down for a more tank hunterish look. Also pictured are some command figures, and the penal squad - made up of malcontents, tau sympathizers, mutants, and xenos left over from my guard's days working as Tau Auxiliaries and Lost and the Damned. I have a whole history worked out that I will post up along with the minis from each stage (someday). Currently working on some stormtroopers and line infantry (the Devil dogs are painted, just can't find the camera). I've played two 1000 pt games vs tau and orks, with two victories - the Ork one being a grim slaughter (Devil Dogs with heavy flamers can mess up just about anything...)

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  1. Astute anime fans will notice that the devil dogs bear a close resemblance to Bonaparte from Tank Police...

    Important safety tip for converters of toy tanks - the rubber tracks that came with the Pz-IIs were removable, so I took them off and spay painted them black, only to find that the spraypaint (which worked fine on many other things) NEVER dried... I had to wipe off what I could paint over with regular paint - and they still feel a little gummy...

    Its weird - the officer with laspistol and powerfist is actually a really well painted figure IMHO, but looks like total crap in the close up. If I ever paint a fig for serious competition, I think I'll take pictures to help me spot problems I just can't see on the mini itself. Or work with magnifcation.