Friday, June 12, 2009

Progress has been pretty rapid, all things considered. I've removed the front claws, at least for the moment, sculpted the carapace, filled the legs with sand (much more stable), added hydraulics to the legs, expanded the plasma gun, and improved the mega bolter.

The carapace design came out well, but I feel like it needs more stuff around it. Can't decide what that should be - flames, skulls, stripes like thousand sons headress?

I'm a bit concerned that the "tail" may be too long. Overall the titan is slightly taller than a forgeworld warhound, but much longer. Not really worried about that, but its also a matter of aesthetics and of big areas that need detailing.

Speaking of detailing, how to cover the big spaces on the tail and greaves? I feel titans, being ancient, should never be plain, and I want hierogyphics, battle scenes, chaos gods in vaguely egyptian form that sort of thing....

Greenstuff frescos would be ideal... Crazy, but ideal.
Freehand murals might work, but would take a long time. I've never really liked any freehand I've done though.
Custom waterslide transfers are a possibility. Easiest. Might come out the best looking, might not. Fun to try.

I'm happy with the "lean, swift" look so far. Looking at pics of titans online, this one looks like a greyhound - up on its toes, ready to go.

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