Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Progress, though slower.

I've added a fair amount of detail.
I seem to have stopped sand from leaking out of the legs.
I added shoulders. I have somewhat mixed feelings on these.
I found alot of great bitz, including the alter and candles I'll be using for the back of the titan. No where safer to do your chaos rituals than on the back of a titan!
I purchased the printable water slides, so I'll be looking at working with those, though a fair amount of greenstuff still seems likely.
Also got some guitar string for the first time. Good stuff!

I've also embraced the use of hot glue again. Now, it is sad but true that there was a day when I assembled miniatures with hot glue. Horrifying, I know. I also sculpted my chaos spawn out of it. For the titan, I've used hot glue to tack things in place, followed by greenstuff to do the actual holding. It seems to be pretty rugged... It tipped over during this photoshoot (you can see Conor and my's horrified expressions captured as it toppled to the floor...) without suffering any harm.

I've also ordered a great many bitz, including a ton of tomb king banner tops.

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  1. Yeah! That thing is gonna be a beast! Keep up the good work. You could have said the sand was a feature of the model...leakin out, leaving the mark of Tzeentch where ever he walks. hehehe